Monday, April 24, 2017


La Familia Dominguez!!!

Easter Bunny Ladies!

Easter Bunny Ladies with Hna Rosario!!

Coloring Easter Eggs on Saturday!!!

Our Beautiful Easter Eggs!

Our District!!!


More Planes!!!

Meagan Martineau

12:08 PM (9 hours ago)

So this week was CRAZY!!!!! But crazy awesome!!!!

So here's a brief run-down of what happened. We found out on Tuesday that Hna Dominguez' (Rosemary and Marco's mom) member record was lost. That means that she needed to get baptized again. Obviously we wanted her to get baptized with her kids, so we had to teach her ALL the lessons and get her interviewed in 5 days... So when we went over on Tuesday we gave her the news and taught her the first 3 lessons.. It was intense!! Then Wednesday we went by again and taught her some of the commandments. As it turned out, she is addicted to coffee... Since it was Wednesday, she would have had to be clean from coffee from Thursday and on in order to be baptized on Saturday. She was really nervous to go without her coffee because she gets migraines and throws up without it.. So starting when we left her house I started fasting for her to be able to go without coffee and that all would work out with the baptism. 

As you can see, we were VERY stressed by this point, especially because when we went by on Wed. she had told her whole family and even her neighbors that she was getting baptized with her kids, so we needed her to not drink a drop of coffee. So she just quit cold-turkey. I don't know how she did it, but when we went by on Thursday she told us she hadn't had a sip of coffee since we saw her the night before and that her head didn't even hurt! She said she was really surprised!! So my testimony of fasting was renewed this week, that's for sure!! That was the most sincere fast I have ever done in my life. I have really seen my faith grow throughout my mission, and that was a big trial of my faith, but it pulled through and came out successful :) Heavenly Father is so good to me!! :)
Then Friday we were getting ready to go over there and teach them the last of the lessons and then the Elders were going to come over and interview Rosemary, Marco and their mom, Hna Dominguez for their baptism on Friday. We were going there at 6pm, and their interview was at 7pm

Now wait for it.....
Well at 5pm the Elders gave us a call saying they actually did find Hna Dominguez' records. 
That was a big deal because she literally told EVERYONE she was getting baptized and we had to tell her that she wasn't getting baptized anymore. But she took it like a champ, and she's still going coffee-free :) Also because Marco is 8 and they found Hna Dominguez' records, he technically isn't a convert, so the Elders couldn't interview him, so then we had to set up an interview with the Bishopric for Saturday..right before the baptism to interview Marco!! It was crazy!! This poor family, they were probably so confused through this whole process, but eventually it all worked out! It always does because this is the Lord's work and He is in charge!! So Rosemary and Marco got baptized on Saturday, along with 3 other people, and confirmed on Sunday along with 5 other people!!! It was AWESOME!! VERY busy week for the branch!!

I have had so much joy with the Dominguez family. They are so special. I love absolutely everyone that I have taught on my mission but there are a certain few people/families that are just really special. They are one of them :) I am so glad that they are coming back, so glad that they are seeing the joys of the gospel. It brings me joy to see other people change and come unto Christ <3

Well that was basically our week. We also went to the Air Force Base to teach Molly, we taught that cute old couple again, found some new investigators, etc. And Elvia and her son Jose went to the baptism!!! Turns out that she is friends with Hna Rosario's daughter who got baptized and Jose is like best friends with Rosemary!!! Can you say perfect situation???

I love this work so much!! It is so special and powerful. I am going to miss it dearly. But I am happy that I get to be a part of it and it's not over yet!! :)

Now for info on transfers....fasten your seat belts folks!!!

So I am staying in Joshua and Hna Weaver is my new companion. She came in with Hna Perdomo and just finished being trained. The crazy part is that Arvin is no longer the Hna training leader area. They made 2 areas again like it was at the beginning of my mission. So there are Hna training leaders on the Bakersfield side of the mission, and Joshua is the Hna training leader area on this side of the mission. That means that I am once again an Hna training leader!!! 
Now wait, it gets crazier!!!
I am a solo STL. STLs are still 2 and 2 like always, except me. I am the STL for this side of the mission for Hnas and so I will do exchanges by myself. Hna Weaver isn't at STL. How that is going to work, I have NO idea!!! It is a change that's for sure!! I'm excited to be an STL again because it was really fun, but I am also really nervous to be on my own... but I know it will all work out and Hna Weaver will help me out regardless :) I am sad to see hna Perdomo go. We have come to be great friends throughout this transfer, but I know she will do great things in her new area. Oh ya, and she's going to ARVIN with Hna Luquette!!!! SO COOL!!!! And the new STL's on the Bakersfield side of the mission are in Buena Vista and Hnas Torres and Dye!!!

So ya!! This week was crazy!!! We also had a primary Easter activity and the "Easter Bunny Ladies" came ;) Then we painted Easter eggs on Saturday night :) It was fun!!!

Well until the adventures of next week, remember your Savior at all times and always rely on His strength. Have faith that you can see miracles, because they are everywhere!! They are always available to us if we show our faith in the Lord :) That is why I love Easter so much, because it is a sacred time to remember Christ and His sacrifice for us and also His resurrection. What a gift and blessing that is!! 

Love you all!!! <3

Love siempre,
Hermana Martineau

Monday, April 10, 2017


The Sand Dunes!!


It is quite a hike back up!! It's harder than it looks!!

Eatin' carne azada at the ward mission leader's house. YUM!!

But NOTHING beats ELOTES!!!!

THE Lancaster Zone!!!

Zone Selfie!!!

Meagan Martineau

11:46 AM (7 hours ago)


Quick answer to a question: Elvia's family was the investigator family at the NDH, but also Rosemary's family came, you'll read that later :) As for Elvia's cancer, she thought is was just one tumor in her armpit and requested a surgery to cut it out, but they told her that they found other tumors throughout her body so they have to continue with the chemo... pobrecita. And we haven't seen Jose this week, we have been running around everywhere!! And the cute couple is still cute and is still a couple :) They talk A LOT. A LOT. But they want to learn!! We just have to try to teach them between them talking!!! haha!!

And bummer about Alyssa, but YAY also!!! And she'll be close and close to Gage so that's cool!!! I will pray for Grandpa that there can be some sort of solution!! And thank you Mom and Dad for your thoughts about conference and about the Sacrament <3 your testimonies always strengthen mine!!!

Well this week was very busy in every way!!! So I'll go through the week to make it easier:

Monday - Hna Perdomo's birthday!! After she opened her presents and we did normal P-day stuff, we went to a town called Lake LA that's about 30 mins from Lancaster. There we met with our district to go SAND BOARDING!!!! Because Lancaster and Lake LA are in the middle of the desert and there are giant sand hills in the outskirts of Lake LA! So we went there with snow sleds and slid down the hill!! It was REALLY sandy and windy so sand got EVERYWHERE!!!! But it was so much fun!!! We sure got a work out climbing up that sand mountain every time we went down!! Then after that we went home and showered  then we had a noche de hogar with our branch. We did a really fun "Holy Ghost" activity where the "Holy Ghost" (us missionaries) had to guide people through the gym where other people were moving chairs around and yelling, etc. Everyone had so much fun!! And the coolest thing is that our investigator Elvia and her family came!!! And Rosemary and her family came too!!! At the end we had a little surprise birthday celebration for Hna Perdomo and she got cake smashed in her face haha!!! (it's a Latino tradition that the birthday person has to take a bit out of the cake straight with their mouth and try to eat it without someone smashing their face down in the cake! It's called "la mordida" haha!!!)

Tuesday - drove to the Air Force Base to get passes to go in for our lesson on Thursday with Molly. That took up... a lot of time because almost an hour drive there and back then we were there for about an hour and a half... but we got our passes and we're legal to go on base whenever we want for the next 30 days!! :)

Wednesday - taught Rosemary again, and she is all prepared for her baptism that is happening this Saturday!! We just need to quickly teach her brother Marcos all the lessons too so that he can be ready, but he'll get there! We just need to be over there.. like every day to teach him all the lessons!!

Thursday -  Had interviews with President Layton!! I love interviews!! I loved them with President Wilson too! They just make you feel so good and want to be better!! Then we went to the Base again to teach Molly. We did it like last time, in Sophia's house (the member that referred Molly to us) and ate dinner then taught her. This time Molly knew we were coming to teach her. At the end when we invited her to pray to know if these things are true she interrupted us and said "I've been doing that!! I mean, I feel it all is, but I can keep praying if you want!!" My mouth dropped. WOW. She is awesome!! She is just scared to take that step without her husband because he is in South Korea right now until January. But we'll see her again this Thursday and see what we can do :)

Friday/Saturday - normal days, teaching, finding, etc.

Sunday - we went to our ward mission leader's house for lunch after church. He lives in Lake LA and cooks REALLY GOOD carne azada... Mmmmmmm!!! (I feel like when I go home, food will have NO flavor, because the Latinos put so much seasoning, flavoring, chiles y todo on everything!!! American food just has salt and pepper, haha!!) Then we had a meeting with a member in the ward who wanted to present something to us to help us help the members with missionary work. He actually served his mission here, in the Joshua branch, and now is living here!! So he shared ideas that helped him when he served here. It was AWESOME!!! After the meeting Hna Perdomo and I both felt that we should see Elvia, even though we have an appointment today. We went, the whole family was together, and we were able to sit them all down together and teach the restoration. And we learned some things about them that will help us teach them better. And we still have our appointment tonight - a noche de hogar and we're going to teach the plan of salvation :) we are so excited!!!!

So that was my week!!! It was pretty exciting!! And we're looking forward to a great  week this week!!! I truly know that this is the Lord's work because even when there are big downfalls and things don't work out as planned (which happened a LOT this week but it's too much to write) the work still moves forward and Heavenly Father makes it possible for us to reach our goals and to see people grow and change. I know that Christ make all of this possible, this work, this life, happiness, everything. I am forever grateful for Him and all that He has done for me.
The big lesson learned is that no matter how down we feel, how far from our goals we are, just keep trusting. Keep working, keep building and acting on faith, and goals will be reached, dreams will be achieved.

I love you all so much!!!!

Love siempre,
Hermana Martineau

Monday, April 3, 2017


Hermanas Martineau and Perdomo with Sister Layton

THE Lancaster Zone!!!

Saturday afternoon lunch with members after conference!!!

Sunday General Conference!!!

Random Selfie!!

Midnight Brownie Making!!!

Some of her favorite presents!!!

There're lots more pictures but these computers are REALLY slow, so you can wait 2 months :)

Meagan Martineau

12:43 PM (8 hours ago)


My heart is just overflowing!!! I think this is the best Pday I have ever had!!!!! I love all the info from home!! It's good to hear about the goings-on!! I am so happy hear that David is doing well!!! I love that guy!!! <3 Also, I have been thinking a lot about Alyssa and her soon-to-be-baby, but I thought she still had a month or 2!!! That is crazy that she already had him!!! I feel like I just got the email 2 months ago about him!!! It's crazy how time flies!!! W.O.W. But I am glad that they are staying with you!!! I am so excited to go home and live with them for a bit!!!! (I want them to find a house, but I kind of hope it takes a few months ;) ) Also it's good to hear that you can keep tabs on Dad, Mom! ;) Dad trying to sneak a peak :p haha! Also I have a question: Are we still coming to visit the mission in June? I would love to if at all possible :) And if so, how long would we be able to be here? I would at least like to hit 2 Sundays so that we can visit the sacrament meeting all the places I've served in :)

So to answer a few things first: Hna Perdomo LOVED her presents!!! (I'll talk more about that later)
Also WOW I had no idea so many people chipped in!!! Hna Perdomo is so happy she doesn't even know what to do or say!! But she said with the extra money she needs a few more garments, just 3 pairs should suffice. And she says that with the rest she would like to do for her brother what we did for her. His birthday is May 24th and she will ask him if he needs/wants anything so that you could send it to him for his birthday!!

So many things I don't know where to go next!! I hope I don't forget anything :)

So now for the week!! So this week we were able to see almost all of our investigators which was awesome because last week no one was home or available ever!! But we were able to do some service for our investigator Elvia who was a referral from a recent convert, Rosario, the one who sent you those pictures over facebook :) Elvia is sick with cancer but she is getting better poco a poco. She is really interested in the church now, unlike she was before. So interested that even though she was sick from her chemotherapy she watched General Conference on her phone!! And she is planning on coming to the activity tonight with her family (if she's feeling well enough)!! (and no it's no longer a surprise for Hna Perdomo, she knows it's happening so that we could invite people to it, but she doesn't know it's gonna be kind of a birthday party though!!)
And our other investigator Molly from the air force base, well we haven't been able to contact her because she had some family issues and had to leave for a bit, but she came back home this week and we called her member friend Sophia and asked her to invite Molly to General Conference, so Molly watched a session on Saturday and on Sunday with Sophia in Sophia's house and we are going back to teach her on Thursday!!! What a blessing!!! Rosemary wasn't able to come to General Conference, but her and her little brother Marcos will be baptized on April 15!!! We are so excited!!! Oh ya, and our investigator Jose, the son of a recent convert here finally prayed for us!!!! That was a huge deal!!! We are going SUPER slow with him but he took a big step to pray!!! Now he just needs to do it on his own too and once he starts doing that then we'll move on to the Book of Mormon, because that is "too much" for him right now, but he's getting there!! 
Then last night we were able to teach cute couple that apparently learned from missionaries before and almost went to church but felt pressured by the Elders and didn't go. But now they are willing to listen again!! <3

Now for this morning: well, last night I laid in bed until Hna Perdomo fell asleep, then I went to the living room and taped up a Happy Birthday sign thing I made previously and made her brownies as a surprise, along with the package there ready for her!! (ps she thought it was for me for Easter haha >:) ) She had NO idea and I took a video of me surprising her when she came out of the bathroom and taking her to her present :) When she was opening them she was crying of joy :) She cried when she opened the hymn books and scriptures. She was truly touched and it really touched me to see her so happy. The only time she ever got something for her birthday was for her quincenera, 8 years ago. What we did for her together was the only thing she got, so thank you so so so so so much everyone who participated to make this day special for Hna Perdomo <3

It was such an amazing week, especially with conference <3 Literally every single one of my questions was answered. And these are questions that I have whole mission!! I have learned something very valuable on my mission: when you take notes from a church meeting, don't write down what the speaker says. Lets be real, we can print the talks later, and who actually goes back and look at their notes. I know that I didn't! But rather than write what they say, write the impressions that you get. I really focused hard on that the last 2 days and it was incredible the results!! I got specific direction for me, for people we're working with and my notes are full of things that the speakers never said!! But I know that I was guided by the Spirit and so were they!!! I love conference!! I know that it is truly a time of reflection and learning. I know the church is true and I know that we truly are guided by a prophet of God!!

I love you all so much!!! 

Have a wonderful week!!!

Hermana Martineau <3