Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Hello Hnas Latimer and Arceo!!

Goodbye Hna Zambrano :(

Me playing piano at the Christmas party!!

Some guy hna Zambrano and i talked to a few weeks ago made us plaques with our card!! We ran into him the other day and he gave me one and gave my companions wooden arrows!!

A Christmas stocking a less-active member made for me!!! <3

FROST!!!!! It's almost like a white Christmas!!

Meagan Martineau

Dec 19 (1 day ago)

FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!!!!!! (Casi)

I am so excited for this coming week!!! So much is gonna happen!!!

But first, this week:
So on Tuesday I had to say good bye to Hna Zambrano and say hi to my old friend Hna Latimer and my new friend... HNA ARCEO!!!! My trainee!!! Oh my goodness being in a trio has been so much fun so far!!! I have heard so many horror stories, but honestly this has been one of the funnest weeks of my mission!! We all get along great and no one ever gets left behind! It's a little weird with teaching because we are trying to get our newbie to take charge in teaching, of course, but she has less opportunities to talk because there are 3 of us, but we are getting it down :) She is from Houston, TX, straight from high school, and she is so cute!! I love both of my companions to pieces!! So basically how it works is I take charge in training Hna Arceo, I teach her the special training program called 12 week, I teach her how to fill out all the forms and such and Hna Latimer can help if she wants. Some days she joins in and other days she just studies on her own when we do 12 week. It works out really well. She is good support! Poor Hna Arceo has such an irregular first 2 weeks in the mission because of Christmas and all the different and special meetings and such, so it's kind of weird to tell her how it normally is, haha! But she is doing awesome!! Tiene mucho afan!! They are both hard workers and make me push, and keep pushing so it's good!!

We've just been working and working this week!! We didn't have a lot of numerical success this week but we saw a lot of miracles and have found a lot of potential in the area!! On Sat. we had a ward Christmas party and I played the piano for the primary play, us missionaries sang a special song, and the members gave us missionaries a big basket full of goodies to share!! What a blessing!!! The ward is AWESOME!! <3 It has been a great week!! We have the same goals and desires in mind and I know that Heavenly Father is truly helping me out <3

Now for this coming week... unfortunately we do not yet have a place to skype... all of the members with computers and devices are going out of town for Christmas. A lot of people have offered to leave devices for us, but we can't take them... so we are still trying to figure that out, but no worries, we will work it out and call you Sunday morning to let you know for sure when we will skype :) So sorry for any inconvenience.. but that's the best we got right now. We have been calling and calling. But I will call you Sunday morning between 7:30-9am your time to let you know for sure when, but it will be 2pm or later your time for sure.

Also we have not yet had the morningside, it is coming up on the 23rd! And we get to go to the temple tomorrow!!!! Also Hna Latimer says HI!!!! And that she loves and misses you and is really grateful that you prepared her for the mission a little bit :) And I am still the designated driver and the other 2 take turns who gets the front seat :)
It has been fun!!

Well I just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and let you know how lucky I feel to be a member of the true Church. It means absolutely everything to me and I don't know what I would do without it!! I know that our Savior lives. I know He conquered death. I know that because He lives, we can too. That is truly what we celebrate this time of year, that fact that He was born so that we can live. What a blessing <3 I love you all so so much and I hope this holiday season is the best of all!!! Remember your Savior and is will be ;)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Con muchisimo amor y mucho afan y espiritu de Navidad,
Hermana Martineau :)

Monday, December 12, 2016


Hna White and I <3

Hna Ocampo and Roberta <3

The Arvin Group <3

Familia Navarro <3

Hna Ocampo and her daughter Jazmin, who's getting married on the 28th!!!

Hna Gomez and I <3

Some of the people from church!! Jenny, far left; Elder Hettinger; Evalyn; the bald guy is a non-member that's been coming to our ward and I translated for him in church (his Spanish isn't super good) and he is switching to English ward so he wanted a pic with all of us; Audrey, front middle; Elder Martin back by me :)
(sorry this is a pic when we weren't all ready but it's the only one I have :)

You know you're a missionary when..
(you can't really tell from the lighting but my knees are bruised :) )

Decorating Jenny's Christmas tree!!

LA temple <3

Meagan Martineau

2:53 PM (5 hours ago)


I am now just realizing that it's the 12th and there is only one more Pday before Christmas!! We have been talking with the members and trying to get a place to go. It's hard because there are 4 companionships that need a place, but next week for sure I will let you know and I will do it as late as I can!! 

So this week I got to go to the Los Angeles temple with the Arvin group and Hna White!! It was just like old times!! All that went were Ada and her husband (who's not a member) and her 2 daughters Roberta and Paloma!!! Roberta got to go in the temple and do baptisms!!! And la familia Navarro came and Berto got to do baptisms!! And Hno Rodier, Hna Gomez, Hna Ocampo, and Jazmin all came!! It was SO GOOD to see everyone again!! <3 I love those people so much!!! But I really love the Buena Vista ward too!! But anyways, we got to go and watch them do baptisms and look around the visitor's center a bit! There are so many beautiful Christmas trees!! <3 It was so fun to see the baptistry and feel the wonderful Spirit of the temple. What an incredible place to receive divine revelation from our dear Heavenly Father and perform sacred ordinances in behalf of those who have already passed on. <3 What a blessing this gospel is and what joy it brings to my life!!! I gotta say, seeing two recent converts enter into the temple and do baptisms for their ancestors is one of the most incredible miracles I have ever seen in my life. The Spirit was so strong and I just didn't want to leave!! The temple truly is such a special place <3

I also want to say that I am so grateful to everyone that wrote their testimonies for me <3 And thank you Mom and Dad for making that possible for me <3 It has truly meant a lot to me and is one of the greatest presents I ever could have gotten (besides seeing you all and being together <3). I will treasure these precious letters forever. They have truly strengthened my testimony and I have a lot more to read still!! I really appreciate all of it!! <3

This week we did a little more service for that English family cleaning up their yard again. Unfortunately they didn't want to hear about the gospel now, but one day they will :) We also got to help our investigator Jenny (the teenage who is getting baptized on the 31st) and her family set up and decorate their Christmas tree!! That was super fun!! Then we showed them the Christmas video #lighttheworld and the Spirit was very strong. It was such a sweet moment because her whole family was together talking to the missionaries!! Her parents still aren't fans of the church but I think we gained more of their trust :) It's just been hard to teach Jenny because every time we have an appointment her parents take them out of town so we can't... but she still comes to church and everything, so that's good!!
We also got to see Connie's family and had a Noche de Hogar with them, and Norma even came by surprise!! And oh man did Satan work HARD on preventing that lesson from happening between technical difficulties (we were trying to show them the restoration video), no sound, screaming kids, EVERYTHING!! But we finally watched it with hardly no sound so we explained it as it went. Despite all the distractions the Spirit was still strong! But both Connie's mom and Norma had surgeries too this week so they'll need a little recuperation time :)

Then yesterday, Sunday, we got to go to the Stake Christmas concert!! Each ward prepared a song and we all performed last night! It was SO FUN!! We sang "En la Judea". At the end of the concert all the wards came up together and we sang the Hallelujah Chorus from the Messiah!! It was SO MUCH FUN and made me feel like I was in choir again in high school!! It brought back good memories <3 It also reminded me of your Choir concerts which I miss and can't wait to hear again!!

Now transfer news... Ready???
So this week also we had interviews with President Layton and he told me at the end of my interview, "Buckle your seatbelt. This next week is gonna be crazy."
Now I know what he meant.
I am staying in Buena Vista
Hna Zambrano is leaving to La Cresta with Hna Badger
So basically one missionary is new that I am training and there will be a 3rd companion, Hna Latimer! And she will just kinda be around while I train my new companion!! So it will be very interesting!! I am really nervous but super excited though!!

I just want to finish with my testimony to all of you that I KNOW that my Redeemer lives. I know that Christ is my Redeemer and He makes it possible for me and for everyone to be clean from sin. He is the perfect filter. He is the Best Example there ever was and ever will be. I am so grateful for Him and all that He does for us. I can never thank Him enough for His Infinite Atoning Sacrifice <3

I love you all so much!!!
Have a great week!!!

Love siempre,
Hermana Martineau 

Monday, December 5, 2016


First time eating Starbucks!!! It's a non-caffeinated chocolate milkshake thing!!
(We got it cuz Hna Zambrano had a REALLY bad day, so we went out for a treat :) )

We found rocks to paint with some recent convert kids that we are teaching the recent convert lessons to. 

We made prayer rocks them :)

Painting prayer rocks with the kids!! SO FUN!!!

Prayer rocks!

Olvidate de ti mismo y ponte a trabajar.

Meagan Martineau

2:42 PM (6 hours ago)

Dear Everyone!!

Casi Feliz Navidad!!!

This week was a good one!!! We got to do some service and other fun things and saw lots of tender mercies!! 

So a cool thing that happened is that we got a referral for a less active member that moved from a different part of Bakersfield. We decided to visit her and turns out she was a less-active from the La Cresta ward that I visited with Hna Pincock, and she remembered me from clear back then!!! And turns out her husband and 8 year old daughter are not members, so we will hopefully with time be able to teach them!! But she came to church yesterday so that was cool!! 
We also got to visit one of our member's sisters who is our investigator. We can only see her once a week because her husband is very anti-religion, but she is very interested in learning because her sister was a convert and she has seen the changes in her life. So we are excited about her!! Her name is Norma!! We also got to do some service for her and help her clean her garage :)
Then on Saturday we took out that member to a lesson with a new investigator who wasn't home :( but her 10 year old daughter was home cleaning up tree branches and leaves so we offered to help! We got it all cleaned up, then we saw a man across the street doing the same thing so we went over and helped him too. The miracles with that were 1. he let us help him (we offer service to almost everyone and they all say no) and 2. is a few days ago he found one of our Jesus the Christ cards that we give out on the ground and he told himself that if he picked it up and kept it that he'd get a blessing. Now a few days later, there the missionaries and a member are cleaning up his yard!! We are going to try by him sometime this week and teach him so that we can send him off as a referral!! (he only speaks English) But that was cool!! Then we helped a member make some invitations for a ward party coming up :) So lots of service this week!! It was so much fun!!! I always pictured my mission being full of service, cleaning, raking, etc. but turns out most Californians don't want help, but this week they did!! It was really fun and felt good! It just feels good to serve!!
There were a lot of miracles at church yesterday too because there were a lot of non-members there!! In gospel principles class it was almost all non-members and missionaries which was really cool to see!! Non of our investigators were there and there were some people there that were invited by members that don't live in our area, but that's ok because the ward is seeing success!! Our area is getting there!! We just gotta build it up!! I feel like this week was a building week and that in following weeks we will see things start to actually happen!!

Another super cool miracle that happened is that we were able to teach that same member's parents and pick them up as investigators!! So this wonderful member is Connie and her parents NEVER talked to the missionaries when she was learning. Apparently her mom only started warming up - kind of - to Hna Zambrano and Hna Blau not too long ago. Well Connie told us to go over and pretend like we were looking for her even though she wasn't home and see if we could share something with them. We did and it went well! We talked to her mom then she invited us for Sunday dinner yesterday! After dinner we taught the plan of salvation and how families can be forever through the restored gospel and her mom seemed to really like it. Her dad who is a hard-core Catholic and has never liked the missionaries listened and accepted to learn more too!!! The Spirit was very strong and it was a very special moment!! We are going back tomorrow to teach a FHE :) 

So things are looking up for the area!! And the Christmas cheer is definitely there :) We are getting in the spirit and all is well!! And I did get the package and I really appreciate it so much!! You didn't have to get me that stuff!! You are so sweet!! <3 I love you all so much!! I feel so grateful for all that I have and for all that Heavenly Father gives me. I know that I am so blessed. I am super blessed because I get the opportunity to go to the temple on Saturday with the Arvin group!!! So President Layton made a new rule that the 2 missionaries that had the most influence on a recent convert can go with them to the temple when they go for the first time and if they have family names. On Sat. the Arvin group is going and Berto and Roberta are both going to the temple and I don't know about Roberta, but Berto has family names!! So Hna White and I get to go just before she goes home!! So that will be so fun!!! But it's kind of crazy because we don't get p-day today, Sat. becomes our p-day for the temple, but we still get to email :) It might be a bit longer of a week because we don't get to have a p-day, but then we'll have p-day on Saturday and I will go to the temple with Hna White and then we get another p-day next Monday!! I am so excited!!! :) The Lord is so good to me <3

My new "life motto" that I am using every day in my journal is "I like today" so every day in my journal I write "I like today because..." and it really helps me to look at the good there is throughout the day rather than just feel sad when people are rude. Heavenly Father truly is always there for us.
Isaiah 41:10 <3

I love you all and I hope you have a happy Christmas month!!!!

Les quiero a todos ustedes muchisimo!!! 
Que tengan una buena semana :)

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Martineau :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Decorating the tree!!

Putting on the star!!!!
Coloring in my new santa hat, using an Arabic Book of Mormon!!
Making tacos de papa for Thanksgiving lunch!!!

Also, I can't believe I forgot this part!!! This was the highlight of the week!!!
My friend Daniel who I taught in Arvin got baptized on Saturday and asked if I could be there, so I got special permission to leave the zone to go back to East Bakersfield for his baptism!!! So I got to see Hna White one last time and see this wonderful young man enter into a sacred covenant with our Father in Heaven. What a blessing that was!!!! I can't believe I almost forgot!!! 

Meagan Martineau

Nov 28 (1 day ago)

Feliz Dia de Accion de Gracias!!!!

So this week was... kind of rough because everyone is gone for holidays and most of the people we talked to don't live in our area and were only here visiting for the holidays!!! So it's been a bit slow, but that's ok! It'll pick back up!! So there's not a whole lot to report on this week...

Thanksgiving was wonderful!!! People took such good care of us!! We had dinner with a member and their family and our whole district!! So that was kind of fun!! It was really weird too though, because it was at the member's family's house who lives out of our zone, so we didn't know them and we were eating at their house! They were super nice though and the food was WONDERFUL!!!! It was la familia Urbina. I wanted to eat so much more, but I made sure I left still a little bit hungry because we had a second dinner with a less active member, Felix, in our area! I've only met him once before and he is living with his VERY Catholic girlfriend.. and they are in their 50s. It was very quiet and also a kind of weird dinner, but again the food was SO GOOD!!!!! We had this weird green fruit that kind of looks like a pear that only grows in South America where he is from and it was stuffed with meat!!! It was SO GOOD!!!!! 
(but this is making me hungry because I'm fasting!!!) ;)

And we got a wonderful, thoughtful Christmas package on Friday, then on Saturday there was a big dust storm so we had to stay inside for about 2 hours until it passed (because here in Bakersfield there is something called "Valley Fever" that you can only get from the dirt here in Bakersfield and nowhere else in the world, because the dirt and air is so polluted!! And Valley Fever affects you for your whole life and can kill you! So we stayed inside under our leader's direction :) ) so we used that time to start decorating!!! We set up our little Christmas tree and decorated it! We are working on coloring the little foam angels and ornaments stuff we got too!! It is so fun!! We feel the Christmas cheer!!! Although Christmas isn't the same without snow!!! (I realized that I will go about 3 years without snow because the last time I saw snow was the end of winter at the beginning of 2015 and I won't see it again until the beginning of winter of 2018!!! Que triste!!)

Also, fun story of the week: we were talking to some guys outside and while we were talking their trash can lit on fire from coals they didn't fully extinguish from the night before!! And the coals were put in a big, empty box of BudLight. That is why you don't drink. Especially when having a fire, because then the fire comes back the next day in the trash can and you have to extinguish it with a hose in front of 2 Mormon misioneras :) So that was fun!!!

But that's about all!!! I just want to leave you all with my simple testimony that I know that this gospel IS true. Jesus Christ is our personal Savior and He loves us more than we could ever know!! I know that we are truly healed through His Atonement. Through His Atonement and the gift of the Holy Ghost we are cleansed and purified. That is what I am grateful for this holiday season :) 
I love you all so so much and sincerely appreciate all the love and support you all constantly give me!! I hope you have a great week!!! <3

con mucho amor,
Hermana Martineau <3

Monday, November 21, 2016


​Hna Zambrano is so cute!!! I was asked to give a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday last minute and I was super nervous as I was preparing for it in a classroom at the church, and while I was writing my talk she drew this on the board <3

Object lesson about spiritual power from President Layton during ZTM this week!
That's a LARGE HEAVY copper cord!!

A member - Hna Quel - gave us this box of Mexican goodies at church yesterday <3

​Feelin' like a Cali-girl wearing this in 55 degree weather! (I BETTER not be a wimp!! I have been cold a lot more a lot easier now after spending a summer in Bakersfield!!)

Backward exchanges!!! Me and Hna White used to take Hnas Blau and Zambrano on exchanges, now Hna Zambrano is with me and Hna Blau and White are taking us on exchanges!!

Possibly the last time I see Hna White as a missionary!!! :( 

Meagan Martineau

3:45 PM (5 hours ago)
to meLynnGage
Almost Thanksgiving!!!! Almost....A YEAR as a missionary!?!?!?! HOW???!?!!?

This year has flown by!!! It has been so full of joy, tears, laughs, frustrations, miracles, and SO MANY LEARNING EXPERIENCES!!!!! I am so grateful for this year that I have had as a missionary!! It has been SO HARD and it still is. It never gets any easier, but let me tell you, it is WORTH IT!!!!! Sometimes I feel like I've been gone for 2 years, and sometimes I feel like it's been 5 months!! Looking back I realize how much I have changed. THANK GOODNESS!!! But I still have a LOT more changing to do!!! I just hope that I can keep changing and improving over the next 6 months!!

Thank you for the emails of encouragement Mom and Dad!!! I really appreciate it and all you do :) I am so glad you were able to meet Hnas Pincock and Van der Toolen!! They're pretty awesome!! <3 I hope you get to go to Hna White's homecoming too!! She goes home Dec 13!

So the weird thing that happened this week is we had exchanges!!! It was weird because I went with Hna White and back to Arvin, which was weird!!!! It was like normal times, but she was my Sister Training Leader this time!!! It was pretty backwards!!! But super fun!!! We saw SO MANY miracles on the exchange!!!!! So we had dinner with a less active in the same trailer park where our old investigator Jessy lived. (Jessy with the tattoos that we taught for a while and right when I got transferred out of Arvin he texted and dropped us...) Right when we finished dinner and walked out of the trailer, we got a text from Jessy that was another drop text, but he was already dropped. So we figured since we were already there that we would just go see him cuz I was back!! We walked to his trailer and he was outside. We talked to him and turns out he...IS AMAZING AND FINALLY KNOWS THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE!!!!!!!! When he dropped us before I got transferred we asked him to read Alma 36. He did. He read it and picked it apart and read it with his ex-girlfriend and asked her questions about it "like how you guys do" (like he said) and that when he did that he felt pure joy. He said he felt happier than he had ever felt before and he knew that that was the Spirit telling him that he needs to follow this gospel. He now has moved to Bakersfield but said that when he is settled in he would like to have the missionaries visit him so that he can get baptized in January when his parole ends!!!!!!!!! What a HUGE miracle that was!!!!! And that "just so happened" to happen on the day of the exchange and that I was in Arvin with Hna White for the exchange!!! What a blessing!!!! Heavenly Father is absolutely the greatest!!! <3 
Also on that exchange I got to see my other old investigators Julio, Lucas, and Daniel!!! And (as of that day anyways - it could have changed by now) Lucas and Daniel are both planning on getting baptized this coming Saturday!!!! What a blessing!!!! And how cool it was that I got to see them again and be a part of their conversion!!!! <3 The Lord truly is incredible <3

And the work in Buena Vista is looking up too!! We were able to find 4 new investigators this last week which was a blessing!! It's a little hard though because out of our teaching pool, 3 of them we can only see  once a week and 4 of them are all leaving or have left for a 2 week vacation for the holidays (which is ironic because they're Hispanic and Thanksgiving is an American thing haha! I guess it's like when we celebrate Cinco de Mayo ;) ) so that's kind of hard because we won't be able to really see anyone this week.. but that's ok!! It has been a really good week!!! Life is good!! So many blessings!!! I love this work more than ever and I love my Savior!!! The scriptures have truly become dear to me in ways I never imagined. It is truly incredible this experience I am having!!! I love it!! I am so grateful for all that I have. I am truly blessed and I recognize them now more than ever!! The thing I am the MOST grateful for above all: My Savior Jesus Christ and His Atonement for me.

I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving and that you all remember and count your many daily blessings!! Not just on Thursday, but every day of the year!! There is truly SO MUCH to be grateful for!!!

I love you all!!!
Love siempre,
Hermana Martineau <3