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Meagan Martineau

Jan 25 (1 day ago)

I have officially been on my mission for 2 whole months!!!!!!! (though it's only been 2 and a half in the field) 
It has been so fun!!! It is absolutely crazy and busy but really good!! Yes we still have like 60 investigators, but we don't know who like 30 of them are because the elders that were in Little Rock before us didn't update their record book very well so we don't know when people are home, or really anything about them other than a name and address so we have been going around and trying to find these "investigators" without much luck, so we'll see how that goes... it is a lot to handle and try to fit everyone in!! Especially because you're supposed to see your investigators at least 2 times a week, and there just aren't enough hours in the day for that!!
To answer your questions Mom, most of the time we go to member's houses for dinner but there are 1-2 days a week where we don't have dinner scheduled with anyone so we just eat at our apartment. We have only eaten out twice when we were in Little Rock and didn't have a dinner appointment and didn't want to drive 20 minutes home just to eat and drive 20 minutes back. It has been good though, they take good care of us! And I didn't send them last week because I didn't have a full hour to email because there are more missionaries than computers and we had to go to a zone activity so I didn't have very much time to email last week. 

Speaking of zone activity........
We went HIKING!!! It was SO FUN!!! We hiked up to Devil's Chair, it's by Devil's Punch Bowl. It was so pretty and reminded me of good ol' Utah! There was a little snow on the top of the mountain, but we weren't close enough to touch it, but we were close enough that I was happy!! So the hike was going well, but my companion Hermana White really loves pictures and likes a lot of pictures taken of her so we got way behind the rest of the group. We ran and finally caught up (they were waiting for us) and they said that it would take about 30 more minutes to get to the Chair, and by this time it was about 4:00 and we had hiked an hour up, so we needed to hike an hour down, drive 20 minutes back to Palmdale, go grocery shopping, pick up our laundry, and go to out dinner appointment by 5. As you can see, that wasn't going to happen!! So we couldn't go the rest of the way to the chair, so we headed back down. Somewhere on the way down we got lost...
Not a huge shocker though, right? It's me! I always get lost!!! We were wandering around for an hour trying to find the right trail!! Finally we found our way back and made it back to our car at 5:15... Then we still had to do all that other stuff and we were late for dinner. Oh and we had exchanges that day and had to be in Lancaster at 6, and Lancaster is about 20 minutes from Palmdale. So basically if we just went straight to Lancaster we would have been on time, but we still had to get groceries, finish laundry, and eat dinner. It was crazy and super hectic!!! We were rushing and running, and we got to Lancaster at 7:30... It was rough, but the Hermana Training Leaders were understanding (that's who we went on exchanges with). It was pretty exciting and super crazy!! And at Zone Conference we asked everyone else when they left and they said that they got back at 5:20... So if we stayed with them we could have made it to the chair and only been 5 minutes later!! We were pretty bummed, but that's ok!!

Exchanges were fun!! My temporary companion was Hermana Meacham. She is awesome!! I learned so much from her and we talked to a lot of cool people!! We taught a lesson to a family and when we set the return appointment I told them that I wouldn't be there because I was only in Lancaster for the day, but that I live and work in Palmdale, and they were all sad!! They all said they wanted me to come back and teach them!! It was so sweet and very humbling. I wish I could teach them again!! They were so great!! And very patient with my Spanish, which most people are, but a lot of people correct me and tell me words to say, when that's not even what I was trying to say, but these people were very nice. I am sad I can't teach them!! But hopefully I'll be able to go to their baptism ;)

And Zone Conference was good, Zone Meeting and District Meetings were good too!! They all pretty similar, we just set goals for the upcoming week/month and talked about how we can do better and what we need to improve on, and then we roleplayed. At the District Meeting Hermana White and I were asked to give a training on how to not give anyone "outs" meaning to teach them the whole restoration without them running away. One of our Zone Leaders Elder Iguasnia said that it pumped him up and almost every day he tells us that our training got him pumped to find and talk to people! I didn't think it was that good, but it got him excited!! But he is CRAZY so anyway.. 

So spiritual experience of the week: (granted there are MANY but there isn't much time to write)
When we were hiking and got lost we wandered for an hour before we finally had the sense to pray and ask for help. After we prayed to find direction, about 30 seconds after we said amen, some people were coming down the mountain and we asked them how to get back and they pointed us the right way and we were back to our car in about 3 minutes. Moral of the story, ALWAYS PRAY!!! Never EVER go without asking for help or you will be lost a lot longer than you need to be. We were right there the whole time. It wasn't until we had the sense to pray that we found our way back. Heavenly Father is there and He is there to help, He is just waiting for you to ask for help. So ALWAYS ASK FOR HIS HELP!!!

Thanks for the updates on what's happening, Mom, and for the pictures!! I really genuinely appreciate it!! I really haven't been distracted like at all!! I have been doing really well I think!! It has been really good!! It's been a good week!! And sorry I don't have any longer to write, but I have a letter written for you, but I might not get it sent till next Monday, so you might not get it for a week and a half, but I will try to send it out today. We'll see how it goes. I just want you all to know that I love you so much and that you all meant the world to me!! I also want you to know that I have a testimony of the restoration of the church of Jesus Christ, and I have a testimony of the Atonement and that it helps me every minute of every day.

I love you all!!
Love siempre,
Hermana Martineau

Michelle Martineau bearfootmjm@gmail.com

Jan 21 (5 days ago)
to Meagan
Hi Meagan!
A lady gave me an idea to send you short emails with quick questions. That way it will be easier for you to answer, so I thought I would try it. 

I never heard about the day you arrived in the mission field. What did you do that day? Did you have an interview with the President? Did you tour anything? Where did you stay that first night? Tell me about your first day when you got to Bakersfield. 

Meagan Martineau

Jan 25 (1 day ago)
to me
Good question!! Well when we got off the plane President and Sister Wilson and the APs (Assistants to the President) were there to greet us and we just talked until the missionaries coming from the Provo MTC arrived, then we went to the mission home and all the senior missionaries there talked to us about housing, cars, finances, all that fun stuff, then we ate a nice dinner and then members in the area picked us up and took us to their houses. The elders (there were 4) went to a different home and us sisters (there were 3 of us) went to Sister Himnley's house. She just let us do our own thing because she knew we were tired (and I was EXHAUSTED) so we went to bed at around 8pm and slept all the way till we got up at 6:30. Then we just got ready for the day and we talked with Sister Himnley for a bit, then she had to go to work so another member picked us up from her house and took us to the transfer meeting where we had some more training from President and Sister Wilson, then we went into the meeting where all the departing missionaries shared their testimonies. Then I met my companion, and we headed off to Palmdale, dropped our stuff of at the apartment and went out and proselyted until 9, then we came home, planned for the next day, then I unpacked and got settled in. It was really late though so it took a few days to get all my stuff unpacked and settled in. When you're a missionary, there is NO free time for stuff like getting "settled in" and "comfortable." Those are words that do not exist in missionary life!!! 

Lancaster Zone at the World Wide Missionary Training

My District at the Mexico CCM. AWESOME MISSIONARIES!

Monday, January 18, 2016

WEEK SEVEN!!! Second week in California!

Hello everyone!!
Mom, again, I will try to answer your questions but there are time restrictions!! ;)

Yes I got my package and I absolutely LOVE IT!!! Thank you so so much for sending it!!!
My companion's name is Taylar White. I don't know if her mom is on Facebook, but look up Taylar White and look at her friend list and see if it says anything about her mom. And yes we still get along just fine. The Lord has truly blessed me so so much!! Without His help I could NOT do this. He has truly been with me and I have seen Him bless me in my life so much, especially on my mission!!!

That Stake Anniversary looks so fun!! I wish I could have been there, but I'll be there for the 10th anniversary ;) And yay for Hailey, Rhett, David and Zero!!! I am so happy for you all!! Please keep me updated on how everything's going!! And how are Ryan and Nicole?? Let them know that I am thinking of them!! And what have you guys been up to?? (Besides watching football with Stormie ;) ) And Dad, have fun and BE SAFE on your Scout trip!!!
And it was cold a first, but it is starting to warm up now. Now it's kind of like early April whether where it's a bit chilly and the wind blows, but the sun shines and keeps you warm, so I am good with the jacket and coat that I have. 

We went through all of our investigators and visited and had "drop talks" with the ones that aren't really interested. But of course in the process we see and talk to people on the street and gain new investigators that way, so we still have like...60!! We don't know who a lot of them are because we gained Little Rock, remember that from another email, and the Elders that were over Little Rock before were terrible at keeping records of the investigators so we have a bunch of names but no way to contact them, how far along they are, or anything. It has been a mess trying to figure it all out!! But it has been good, I have been busy, which is really good so I focus more!! 
What I meant by the "rollercoaster" from last time is just that it's different than I thought. Like I knew that we were supposed to try to set people with a baptismal date on the first or second lesson, but no. We are supposed to set them with a date when we talk to them in the street or when we knock on their door for the first time!! And it's just crazy with all of our investigators. So our area is Palmdale, but we gained Little Rock too and Little Rock is about 20 minutes away from Palmdale so we can only go there a few times a week and it's hard when someone from Palmdale is only free on Wednesday but we have appointments in Little Rock on Wednesday so we have to wait a whole other week till the next Wed. to see them!! It is crazy!! But we're getting it done!!!

So we have met some really nice, uninterested people, some really nice, interested people, some really rude people, and some really crazy people!!! It is interesting seeing all the kinds of people there are!! We have only a few investigators that seem really really serious. We are working and trying so hard to get them to church, but Satan is working REALLY hard on them. One lady named Sully has 5 kids and she was going to come to church but at 2 am Sunday morning she had to take her 2 year old to the hospital because she stopped breathing, then the next Saturday her car broke so she couldn't go to church... One guy named Juan came to church but never came inside because he was too scared... We have taught him almost every single thing there is to teach him but if he doesn't come to church on Sunday we will have to drop him which is really sad. There are a lot of other people like that. We are doing as good as we can, and that's all we can do. They have to do their part too. I am starting to grow a great love for the people here. Even the people that are rude and walk away and say mean things, my heart hurts for them because I want them to have the gospel in their lives. I never thought I would feel this way, but I do. And I like it :) I feel like I am on the Lord's side and that He is on my side. I love it. I love Him. I love my Savior with all my heart. I have gained such a strong testimony of the Atonement since I have been out and I cannot express how eternally grateful I am to my Brother, Savior, and Friend for what He did for me. 

I love you all so much and I am so grateful that I have you as family. I could not have been blessed with a greater family. I love you so much, with all my heart. I am so grateful for all you do for me!!

Amor siempre,
Hermana Martineau 

-Guarde la fe-

Our cute little investigator's cute little house.

Cute little 50's Mexican Diner.

Gage, this reminds me of Iggy's!!!

I don't know if I'm in America or Mexico.

Thank you Mom and Dad! I love you!!!

​Weird, shiny, rainbow, mini sun thing....(it's on the left) It was so bright I thought it was the sun, until I realized it wasn't.....no idea what it was!!

Monday, January 11, 2016


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From: "Meagan Martineau" <meagan.martineau@myldsmail.net>
Date: Jan 11, 2016 2:06 PM

Oh my goodness, my heart is so full!! This week has been a true rollercoaster!! Unexpected twists and turns, ups, downs, but overall so much fun!!!!
Mom, I don't have enough time to answer ALL your questions this week but I'll do my best!!
My new companion is Hermana White from Kansas City, Missouri. She is really fun and has been a great trainer. She has been out for 7 months and I am the first person she's trained, but she is doing a great job! We get along just fine :) We have been SO BUSY!!! There is no time for anything because it is just work work work from 630-1015pm pretty much. It is crazy, but so good!! There a LOT of Spanish speakers here!! We run into more people that don't know English than don't know Spanish!! And most of the English speakers speak Spanish too. So we speak a LOT of Spanish!! My Spanish is pretty rough still, but what Pres. Rees promised is coming true: I am able to get my point across, even though it isn't perfect, and for the most part I can understand what they are saying to me! The Lord has definitely blessed me so much, even more than I realize. So funny story: My first area is that area that we went to church at on our way home from Disneyland!!! I am in Palmdale and Little Rock!!! I don't go to that ward we went to because their church is at 11 and the ward I go to their church is at 9, but it is the same church building!! Super funny!! I love it here!!!! It is absolutely wonderful!! There are so many people that recognize that without God and Jesus Christ they can't do anything, and it has been such a testimony builder for me. 
Yes I got your package and I LOVE IT!!! Thank you for sending me boots!!!!! Holy cow it has been a lot colder than I thought it would ever be here!! It feels like Utah when it's snowing, but it's only been in the 40s!! I don't understand it, but it has been FREEZING!! Hna. White's last companion went home and she left a bunch of stuff at the apartment cuz she couldn't fit it and she left a coat and it fits me so...I have a coat!! Thank goodness!! I freeze even with the coat and boots!!! 
So the Elders that were covering Little Rock went home and they gave their area to us. So we have Palmdale and Little Rock!!! We had 30 investigators when I got here and the Little Rock elders had 40, so right now we have 70 investigators!! That is unheard of!!! It is absolute insanity and really crazy and stressful, but it is really fun!! So many people learning the truth!! Granted, not all of them will be baptized. I have come to learn that investigator does not equal baptism, which is really sad, but we are planting the seeds so that when they are ready they will be baptized. It has been so good. 
Oh by the way on Saturday I had the hiccups.....and you know what that means......I had them ALL DAY!!! It was so funny when I was trying to testify to some lady on the street and I am just hiccupping up the wazzoo!!! It was bound to happen. But my companion is cool and she just laughed!! It was funny!!
I have seen the Spirit start to change people already, even though I haven't even taught the same person twice, I have seen people on the street get a twinkle in their eye, a little light in their face when we share the message of the restored gospel. It is cool to see people that try to walk away or shut the door, once you start talking they end up taking a Book of Mormon. It is so cool.The Spirit is so powerful!!
I love you so much and I hope that everything is going well and home. You are all wonderful and thank you for all that you've done for me. Thank you for raising me up in the gospel. I cannot thank my Savior enough for all that He has done for me.
Tell everyone hi for me, Hailey, Rhett, David, Ryan, and Nicole and tell them that I love them and they are in my prayers. I love you so much. Thank you for everything.

Love Siempre, 
Hermana Martineau

Thank you Mom :) I love you :)
PS no I don't have an Ipad so I don't think you have to pay anything for anything :)
Sorry there aren't more pictures, there just hasn't been time for that!!
My address is:
38121 25th street
Apt X 102
Palm Dale, CA

​About 1/4 of this map is my area. it is SO BIG!!!! So many people: So much potential

​Me and Hna White

The ghetto roads from Palmdale to Little Rock

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Meagan Martineau

12/31/15 (6 days ago)
to me
Im sorry that our call was so short too!! And sorry I didnt much said, I was so frazzled and had been crying before and I was sick and I just couldnt remember anything or remember what to say!! It was crazy!!!! And I love the pictures, thank you for sending them!! My Christmas was very good and very humbling. We did some service and had a TON of devotionals. We watched a lot of talks and we got to watch a live broadcast from David A Bednar in Provo. It was broadcast live to all the MTCs in the Americas and we had a WORLDWIDE Q&A!!! It was so cool!!!! And no, we didnt have any time as a district, probably because they didnt want us to get bored\sad on Christmas. It was a lot of fun though. And yes I opened my presents all on Christmas and I love them all SO MUCH!!!! I have worn the bracelet almost every day and I set out the snowglobe and ornaments and decorations in our room. I love them so much!! And thank you so much for the pictures. I cried out of joy when I opened them. I would love more pictures of the family!! That made my whole week seeing those pictures!! Please send some to Cali if you can!!
And yes it is absolute INSANITY that I leave in just a few days!!! I cannot believe it!!! It feels like Ive been here for maybe 2 weeks... It is crazy to think Ive been here for almost6!!! And my companion is serving in the California Arcadia Mission, Spanish speaking.
Oh and by the way I went to the doctor again for my cold and turns out that I had broncitis. I feel all better now but I am still coughing a lot, especially when ever I laugh. Im going to get my new companion and shell make me laugh and she is going to think that Im dying!!! its pretty funny though because every time i have a cough attack everyone asks what was so funny cuz they know that I am really just laughing!! It has been a long process but I finally feel better now, other than the cough, but its fine :) 
I do not know if I will be able to call or not. I hope I do!! I leave the CCM at 2am Monday morning and my flight leaves at 6am, my time of course. If I dont get to call then, I will try to find a pay phone at my layover in Pheonix and call. So be prepared, possibly, to receive a call very very early on Monday!! I hope I get to call and make up for the terrible call on Christmas!! It was so good to hear all of your voices though!!!

PS you should send me letters through that website :) no packages necessary because I still have more soda and brownies than I can drink and eat!! But I would really like some letters that I can hold on to and read throughout my mission. Emails are great but after that one hour I never see them again... So if you have some time, I would love to get some letters, or a letter!! :)
PPS I tried to use my visa credit card the other day and it didnt work, so could you talk to the bank about that because I have to use it to pay for my bags at the airport. Thank you!!!

I love you so much Mom!! And to Dad, David, Ryan, Nicole, Hailey, and Rhett, I love you all too!!! So so much!!! Thank you for the strength that you have all given me!!!
*PS for Nicole, I met someone that just got here yesterday that knows Nicole and Lauren / she is from Richfield and probably knows the whole family. I didnt have very long to talk to her and I dont remember her name, but just so you know, it is a small world!!

District 11B

 We LOVE timed Selfies!

Yes, I made the star on top!