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Meagan Martineau

May 8 (6 days ago)

Hello my fellow friends and family!!!! 

A quick update on me to start, I am doing just fine with the passing of Grandpa. Of course I was sad to hear the news, but in times like this I am more grateful than ever for the Plan of Happiness :) I know that he is fine :) I feel confident and happy that he is finally free from all that pain he was in :)
Physically I am feeling MUCH better too!!! I'm still pretty darn tired, but the nausea and weakness has left me. The last 3 days have been great!! I went to the doctor on Friday and they did some tests. I was supposed to get the results from my blood work on Saturday, but they never called.. So today we will know what it was :) But they also took a urine sample and I have a stinkin' bladder infection. I swear, every time they take urine, I have a bladder infection!! But whatever :)

This week was pretty eventful!!! On Monday night we started exchanges with the Little Rock Hnas, Hnas Latimer and Arceo!!! It was so fun having them back!!! It was like our trio all over again, plus Hna Weaver so it was even more fun!!! :) I went with Hna Latimer :) I was NOT feeling well AT ALL on the exchange and we had to come back for little extra study while I rested. But it was a good exchange! It was good to work with Hna Latimer one on one :) She is such a sweetheart!!! <3

Then on Wednesday we had MLC!!! They let Hna Weaver stay with us which was fun!!! So she got a sneak peek on what MLC is like!!! It was my last MLC ever. It was amazing like always but it was pretty hard to stay awake...but it was good!!! The whole time, the whole 5 hours we just talked about the doctrine of Christ!! It was so cool to learn more in-depth about His doctrine :) I loved it!!!

Thursday we did some impromptu service for a member in her garden and I was gaining my strength back so I was well enough to pull some weeds :)

Friday we went to the doctor and they checked my blood. Hopefully I'll know today what the verdict is!! :) After the doctor we started exchanges with the Esperanza Hnas, Hnas Perry and Badger!! I went with Hna Perry!!! It was super fun!!! I was feeling quite a bit better so we went out and actually worked and it was awesome!!! 

Saturday we finished the exchange and went to our branch Mother's Day dinner :) The men did all the planning, preparing, cooking, everything so the women could enjoy!! It was awesome!! :) We just ate dinner and they had a little auction for the YW camp fundraiser, then us missionaries sang "Madre Te Amo" :) 
(And I didn't know Hna Posada recorded that haha!! She called last night and told us that you saw it with Grandpa :) )

Then yesterday we had church. I LOVE church!!! I am going to miss church as a missionary!! And after church we parked the car and talked to people on the way walking to dinner. We gave ourselves 2 hours to walk to dinner (it wasn't that far away) and talked to people, then we talked to people on the way back to the car from dinner. On the way to dinner we talked to some people in their car. The guy in the passenger seat has some interesting trials, but we only talked for about 2 minutes, gave them a Book of Mormon and they drove off. After dinner while walking back I kind of wanted to knock on a certain door. There were no cars in the driveway or signs of anyone home, and I don't usually go for those houses, but we knocked anyways. When the guy opened the door it was the guy from the passenger seat of the car!!! Turns out his friend kept the Book of Mormon and we were able to give him one as well and testify of the healing power of Jesus Christ. I felt the Spirit probably the stronger I ever have while testifying of Christ to him. It is incredible how even just Christ's name brings comfort <3 It was a huge testimony builder to me that this isn't my work. This is the Lord's work that I am blessed to be a part of :)

I am so grateful for God's perfect plan! I know that it is real, I know that it for us, I know that it gives us strength. It gives me strength. I am so glad I get to share this incredible plan with everyone I can!! I just pray that more people will want to hear it!! 
I love you all so much!! Please always remember how much love your Savior has for you. It is infinite <3

I love you all so much!!! 
Love siempre,
Hermana Martineau <3

Hermana Martineau's Tribute to her Grandfather, Reed C. Jensen, Feb, 27, 1930---May 7, 2017

I feel very honored to be the granddaughter of Reed Jensen. I feel honored to have known him.
He is such an inspiration to me, always. 

Choosing to go on a mission was hard for me. I struggled a lot at the beginning to keep going. One preparation day near the 6th month of my mission, my mom emailed me and told me that she was reading my emails to Grandpa every week. I always had the feeling that I might not see Grandpa after my mission, so I wanted him to have something good to hear each week from my emails. I realized that sometimes I didn't write the most uplifting stuff.. I decided to change. There were a lot of factors to me changing my thoughts and feeling about things, but a big catalyst to that was knowing how badly Grandpa always wanted to serve a mission but couldn't. Now I get to serve, and knowing that he was reading my emails made me realize that I should be more grateful for the things I was learning, no matter how hard it was.

My mom said that he, in a way, was living my mission through my emails, so I wanted to give him good stuff to "live". Having that change in attitude about my life and the things I was doing really made a difference in every way. I was able to focus more positively and testify in every email. I always wanted to leave my testimony just in case it was the last email he would hear. 

Grandpa wasn't with me physically, but he still helped change my life, simply by being my wonderful, jolly Grandpa :) I am so grateful for him and for his faithful example. I know he was in a lot of pain, but he never showed it. He never once complained to me or showed his pain. He only showed joy. :) 

I remember one time I went to visit Grandpa with my mom, but we had to go later that day because he wasn't home. We went back later to find out that he went to the temple. He told us about how hard it was to be wheeled in and have someone help him change, then he told us all about how beautiful the temple is and how much he loves it there! I hadn't been through the temple myself yet at the time, but the way he talked about it made me certain that it is the House of the Lord. He bore such a sweet testimony of the sweet feeling there and at that moment I knew that the temple is where I wanted to be! He helped me realize that it is worth sacrificing for, and it is a privilege to attend. I am forever grateful for that testimony he gave me.

I know he is a strong man. I see the way my sweet mom looks up to him, and I know he is a great example. I am so glad I've gotten to know him over the years. Some of my fondest memories were taking him to the auction and he was always my favorite house to visit on Halloween ;) 

Grandpa will truly be missed, but I know without a doubt that he is happy, healthy, relaxing, and rejoicing. I feel honored to serve alongside him in the mission field now. He is serving from the other side, but we are both doing the Lord's work. I know that's what he has always wanted and I am glad that he finally gets to :) I can't wait to see him again, meet the people he is helping, and introduce him to the people that I helped :)

I love you all so much and I am excited to see you all again, including Grandpa <3

Hermana Martineau

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