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Hnas Martineau and Weaver

Leti and Hna Martineau

Meagan Martineau

May 22 (1 day ago)

Hello Everyone!!!!!

I just want to say how much I truly love you all!!! <3

I had a really cool experience yesterday that I would like to start off with :) (maybe I should end with it, but I just want to say it ;) )
Yesterday we were teaching a new investigator named Carmelo. He is in his 50s and has never prayed before, so in this lesson we taught him about prayer, how to pray, why we pray, etc. and how to feel the Spirit. I testified that I when I pray and read the scriptures I feel love. I told him that when I feel that feeling of overwhelming love, I know it is the Spirit. Then Hna Weaver stepped in and testified about how when she feels the Spirit she feels happy, and that all of us feel the Spirit a little different. As she was talking I thought to myself, "Why is it that I feel so much love when I feel the Spirit? Most people say 'peace' or 'joy' as a forefront." As I thought that I felt the words in my heart: "I make you feel love because I love you!!"
Before my mission I couldn't say that I knew God loved me. I knew He loved everyone, but it was really hard for me to believe that He loved me too. Through my mission I have gained that knowledge that He truly does love me, and after that simple, yet beautiful experience yesterday, I know now more than ever that He truly does love me. I know that now. I can feel it. I know that He loves everyone equally, including you, including me. I am so so grateful for that little tender mercy I had yesterday. I will never forget that. I will never forget that He loves me <3

That was one of my testimony builders this week :) A tender mercy we saw this week was being able to set our investigator Kamall with a baptismal date for June 17!!!! If he makes it, and we leave early enough, we can go to the baptism!!!! He is an English investigator that we have been trying to pass off to the Elders, but hopefully this week we can hand him over to the English Elders to be taught!! (and Mom, that would be to Elder Bird!! You can tell his mom that I trust him to teach Kamall :) I don't trust every Elder, but I do trust Elder Bird and his companion to take over from here :) )
Another huge tender mercy was seeing our investigators Luis y Mariangela come to church yesterday!!!!!! They are that cute old couple I told you about a few weeks ago!!! Their progress has been SUPER slow and we were thinking they might not go anywhere from here... but on Saturday we had a super bold, completely unplanned 'you need to come to church' lesson, and...it worked!!!!! They left after Sacrament meeting, but they said that it was "mas tranquilo" than their Catholic services!!! So that's cool!!! It was such I blessing to see them walk in!!!! <3

As for the rest of the week, we had exchanges! My last exchange, and Hna Badger's last exchange!!! And yes, we were companions, and yes, it was super fun!!!! My whole mission my goal hasn't necessarily been to get baptisms, instead, it's been to see people change. It has been such a blessing to have gotten to know Hna Badger at the beginning and get to re-know her now! She has changed SO MUCH since the beginning and it has been really neat to see her progress!!!! Being able to be on exchanges with her this week helped me realize that I am seeing people change for the better and come closer to Christ!! I just need to look harder!! Hna Badger has always been there, but I've just been blind until now to see her progress!!! We had a fun last exchange!!!

As for other news from this week, we had interviews with President Layton and a district activity on Monday playing "signs"!!! It was really fun!!!

That's about all for this week!!!
I love you all so much!!! Please always always remember how much Heavenly Father loves you all!!! Remember that no matter what happens, Christ is ALWAYS there for you, even in the good times He is there <3 I am so grateful for Them and for all that They do for me!! I would be NOTHING without Them!!! 

I love you!!!! Keep the faith!!!! <3
Love siempre,
Hermana Martineau

P.S. There are these cool things called "Fidget Spinners" They are super fun and I really want one when I get home.... :) they're only like $5 or less sometimes ;)

P.P.S. I love you all SO MUCH!!!!! <3

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