Monday, May 1, 2017


My cute companion and I <3


One of our boiled, colored Easter eggs. It's a BYU fan at heart.

Hnas Zambrano and Weaver


STL meeting in Tehachapi - waiting outside in the cold for President Layton to come open the doors!

The other Hermana Training Leaders - Hnas Dye and Torres, Hna Weaver and I <3

Also on Friday we made dinner for Elvia and her family because Friday is when she has her chemotherapy and she can't cook, so we made her an enchilada casserole! :)

Hna Weaver

Hna Zambrano

Meagan Martineau

12:36 PM (8 hours ago)

Well folks, I received notice that NO ONE got my well-thought-out, thought-provoking, Spirit-filled email last week, so I guess you'll have to settle for this one as double duty :p
Just kidding, it was the average email from yours truly :)

I will try to remember the week before last week to the best of my abilities:
Ok I remember nothing, other than from the appointments I can see from my planner :)
Nothing really super noteworthy happened other than transfers on last Tuesday, then we had a ward picnic on Saturday and Hna Weaver got to meet all the members!! 
I do remember that at the picnic a less active from our area went. We sat by her and her non-member husband and at the end they said they might come to church, and they did!! Then in the evening we went to visit them. They didn't want us to come over, but her active-member mom told us to come by anyway haha! While we were there she said that she felt really good when she took the Sacrament. She said it felt different than any other time she took it. (preface--she was living with her boyfriend but they just got married a month ago) We told her that she felt better because she was keeping the commandments and Heavenly Father was proud of her. She said that our meeting that night was very "therapeutic" :)

A little about my companion Hermana Weaver:
She is from Orem, Utah. She is 19 years old, went to BYU Provo for a semester before her mission studying English. She has a lot of Spanish experience because she went to a bilingual elementary school and had one hour a day in Spanish growing up, then studied it it high school and college, so she is a lot further along that the average missionary 4.5 months in!! She is a good, hard worker and loves to read!!

As for my STL duties:
Yes I will do 2 exchanges with each companionship to work with each Hna :) We are having the first exchange tonight :) I am working with Hnas Latimer and Arceo (they are companions again!! How fun!!) and Hnas Perry and Badger!!! I am so excited to be with them all again!!!

As for this week:
We had Zone Conference on Tuesday. It was incredible!! As always :) We learned about the scattering and gathering of Israel. I am so proud and humbled to be a part of this great work. It is so much more important than I ever thought!! I definitely want to study more about the House of Israel now and how us as members can greater help with the gathering of Israel :) I was really sad at the end though, because then it was over.. My last Zone Conference that I will be a part of ... But that's ok. It was fun to see everyone!! It was a combined conference with Palmdale, so we got to see Hnas Perry, Badger, Latimer, and Arceo!!! <3

Then on Thursday we had an STL meeting in Tehachapi with all the other STLs and with President and Sister Layton :) They just had Hna Weaver step out and study while we had the meeting :) 

So this week has been very hard on me physically. This whole transfer so far I have been feeling VERY tired. On Wednesday I could NOT focus in the morning and was getting NOTHING out of forcing myself to stay awake and stare at my scriptures, so I took a nap, then got a Priesthood blessing. I felt a lot better the rest of the day!! I am SO grateful for the Priesthood!! What a blessing it is to have that power!!! <3 Then yesterday I felt very weak. Everything hurt really bad and my head was spinning. In the middle of the street I lost almost all strength and had to sit down on the side walk for a few minutes. Then we quickly (as quickly as I could) made it back to the car and went home. I took a 2 hour nap and then Hna Weaver asked me if I was feeling well enough to go out. I didn't think I could, but it had been a VERY slow week teaching wise. As of that point we had all 0's for our numbers that we report, and that has NEVER happened to me before, my whole mission!! I said a prayer and asked for strength and for a miracle as we went out. We went out and visited an investigator. She was busy, we walked from there to a potential. Not home. I started feeling weak again and almost gave up and said we could go home early, but I felt like if we just went a little further, a little longer, it would be ok. We kept walking and met a cute couple outside of the house of another potential of ours. We introduced ourselves and asked if they had a few minutes that we could share something with them. They said yes and we walked with them to their house.They are now new investigators!! And they both have Mormon family members!! They were pretty serious about coming to church next Sunday!! What a blessing that was!!! 

I know that Heavenly Father blesses us so much when we do His will instead of ours! If we push forward just a little further than we think we can, within reason, He gives us the strength that we need to do His work, to help another person, and to feel better ourselves!! I know that God's power is stronger than anything and everything and can help us overcome any struggle!! 
I am so grateful for the Priesthood and the knowledge of God's grace and love <3

I love you all so much!!
Stay strong!! Keep fighting the good fight!! 
Trust in your Savior, He can and will help you through!!

Love siempre,
Hermana Martineau <3

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